Men's shoes

Anatomically Accurate, Biomechanically Safe Men’s Shoes
The Niche Sporting Group offers premium sports footwear that are made precisely to fulfill their biomechanical requirements. The design of these shoes is anatomically correct for best track performance.
We proudly distribute improved athletic footwear that offers a higher level of foot protection than conventional mainstream shoes. The extraordinary midsole protects the foot when running over sprint threads or other small, sharp objects.
We also offer shock-absorbing running shoes. Our extraordinary midsole delivers safe cushioning and is constructed to last longer, so increasing the life of the shoe.
The midsoles of our premium sports footwear are constructed of carbon-bonded, rigid materials that give stability and angled support to avoid inward foot sliding.
You can also avoid supination, or rolling the foot outward while running, with our premium sports footwear. Outside ligaments and bones of the foot are more susceptible to injury when the foot is supinated. Your knees are beginning to hurt because your feet are no longer absorbing as much of the impact from your steps. Our running shoes are flexible without cushioning in the heel and forefoot and soft midsoles.
• Protect your feet
• Minimize the injuries
• Improve running performance
• Reduceankle, heel, and toe pressure
• Lessen back, hip, and knee pain

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