Cycling Shoes Men’s And Women’s Outdoor Cycling Equipment Sports Shoes

Cycling Shoes Men’s And Women’s Outdoor Cycling Equipment Sports Shoes

Color:Gold;Shoe size:44


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Product Information:
Color: white, red, black, gold
Sole: rubber
Upper material: microfiber + fabric

Size Information

Sports shoes*1

Weight(g): White-36:486; White-37:496; White-38:506; White-39:516; White-40:526; White-41:536; White-42:546; White-43:556; White-44:566; Red-36:486; Red-37:496; Red-38:506; Red-39:516; Red-40:526; Red-41:536; Red-42:546; Red-43:556; Red-44:566; Black-36:486; Black-37:496; Black-38:506; Black-39:516; Black-40:526; Black-41:536; Black-42:546; Black-43:556; Black-44:566; Gold-36:486; Gold-37:496; Gold-38:506; Gold-39:516; Gold-40:526; Gold-41:536; Gold-42:546; Gold-43:556; Gold-44:566.

Package Weight(g): White-36:536; White-37:546; White-38:556; White-39:566; White-40:576; White-41:586; White-42:596; White-43:606; White-44:616; Red-36:536; Red-37:546; Red-38:556; Red-39:566; Red-40:576; Red-41:586; Red-42:596; Red-43:606; Red-44:616; Black-36:536; Black-37:546; Black-38:556; Black-39:566; Black-40:576; Black-41:586; Black-42:596; Black-43:606; Black-44:616; Gold-36:536; Gold-37:546; Gold-38:556; Gold-39:566; Gold-40:576; Gold-41:586; Gold-42:596; Gold-43:606; Gold-44:616.

Package Size(mm): 320*210*100.


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