DROCON DC-08 5G WiFi FPV Drone, 1080P Full HD Camera, Screwdriver-Free RC Quadcopter for Beginners

DROCON DC-08 5G WiFi FPV Drone, 1080P Full HD Camera, Screwdriver-Free RC Quadcopter for Beginners



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1.1080P FULL HD CAMERA WITH 120° FOV AND 60° GIMBAL UP/DOWN – Make your journey more memorable! Excellent camera enriches your vision with new performance and helps to capture greater dynamic range providing you with advanced high-resolution shots.
2.5GHz WI-FI FPV SEAMLESS TRANSMISSION – The DROCON DC-08 provides you with a seamless full panoramic view of the sky from up to 420 meters away, offering you real-time video of amazing and impeccable scenery from a never-seen-before perspective. The transmission is constant without interruption.
3.GPS AUTO RETURN – It’s never too late to start a drone flying adventure anywhere – at your house lawn or at the world’s end. Up to 12 GPS satellites accompany the drone wherever in the world you may be. With the GPS feature turned on, the DC-08 automatically returns to the starting point location
4.FOLLOW ME & SURROUND FLIGHT MODES – Your perfect memories start right when you switch the DROCON DC-08 on! Normal flight techniques are great, but for even more fun & entertaining flying, the Follow Me and Surround Flight modes intelligently track and control the drone, freeing your hands.
5.NEVER LOSE YOUR DRONE – The DC-08 has its own accompanying in-flight security guard that will keep your quadcopter safe. Aside from the auto-return function, it is programmed so that it can’t fly out of range of the controller (420m).



Thanks to a strong transmission signal, the control range of the DC-08 is huge, providing seamless video transmission up to 420m away. Many quadcopters brands claim their control distance up to several hundred meters, but the actual video transmission range is often much less than this.

The GPS positioning system uses up to 12 satellites to promise you a safety flight. What’s more, the onboard intelligent system prevents your drone from flying away, allowing you to record beautiful scenery from the skies without worrying about how far away the drone is from you. When the DC-08 is in danger of flying too far away and out of sight, it will automatically reign itself in and notify you it has flown too far.




APP Compatibility: Android 8.0.0 and above; iOS 12.3.1 and above

Flight Time: 12-15 minutes

Charging Time: 4-5 hours 5V 2A

Wi-Fi Distance: 500M (Outdoor and Unobstructed)

5G Transmission Distance: 450mOutdoor And Unobstructed

Dimensions: 390*190*330mm

Camera: Lens: FOV 120° 60°Gimbal

Resolutions: HD 1920*1080P

FAA needed for your aircraft weighs more than 0.55 lbs. (250 grams) and less than 55 lbs. (25 kg)


The advanced battery monitor constantly calculates the remaining power available and the remaining flight time. It will promptly return in advance of running out of power or lost signal and automatically land at the starting point.


The 7-button neatly designed controller, features default GPS flight mode, easy take-off, altitude-hold function and one-key return. You can also jump right into the camera and enjoy the scenery by using a VR headset. Both beginners and advanced drone fliers will love it!


Your drone, battery and charger, remote controller (battery not included), 1080P HD camera, propellers and propeller guards (extra blades) are all packed carefully on the box, waiting for you open


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