Professional Road Bike Cycling Shoes Men’S Mountain Self-Locking Shoes Non-Locking Power-Assisted Shoes

Professional Road Bike Cycling Shoes Men’S Mountain Self-Locking Shoes Non-Locking Power-Assisted Shoes

Color:Red mountain style;Shoe size:45


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Product information:
Material: Rubber
Closed design: rotating buckle
Lock design: rubber patch
Function: breathable, lightweight, support, shock absorption, wrapping

Size information:

5.5 37.5 5 5 23.5 241
6 38 5.5 5.5 24 245
6.5 38.5 6 6 24.5 248
7 39 6.5 6.5 25 251
7.5 40 7 7 25.5 254
8 41 7.5 7.5 26 257
8.5 42 8 8 26.5 260
9 43 8.5 8.5 27 263
9.5 43.5 9 9 27.5 267
10 44 9.5 9.5 28 270
10.5 44.5 10 10 28.5 273
11 45 10.5 10.5 29 276
11.5 45.5 11 11 29.5 279
12 46 11.5 11.5 30 283
12.5 46.5 12 12 30.5 286

Packing list:
Sports shoes x1

Weight(g): Green dualuse-36:560; Green dualuse-37:570; Green dualuse-38:580; Green dualuse-39:590; Green dualuse-40:600; Green dualuse-41:610; Green dualuse-42:620; Green dualuse-43:630; Green dualuse-44:640; Green dualuse-45:650; Green dualuse-46:660; Red dualuse-36:560; Red dualuse-37:570; Red dualuse-38:580; Red dualuse-39:590; Red dualuse-40:600; Red dualuse-41:610; Red dualuse-42:620; Red dualuse-43:630; Red dualuse-44:640; Red dualuse-45:650; Red dualuse-46:660; Blue dualuse-36:560; Blue dualuse-37:570; Blue dualuse-38:580; Blue dualuse-39:590; Blue dualuse-40:600; Blue dualuse-41:610; Blue dualuse-42:620; Blue dualuse-43:630; Blue dualuse-44:640; Blue dualuse-45:650; Blue dualuse-46:660; Green Mountain Model-36:560; Green Mountain Model-37:570; Green Mountain Model-38:580; Green Mountain Model-39:590; Green Mountain Model-40:600; Green Mountain Model-41:610; Green Mountain Model-42:620; Green Mountain Model-43:630; Green Mountain Model-44:640; Green Mountain Model-45:650; Green Mountain Model-46:660; Red mountain style-36:560; Red mountain style-37:570; Red mountain style-38:580; Red mountain style-39:590; Red mountain style-40:600; Red mountain style-41:610; Red mountain style-42:620; Red mountain style-43:630; Red mountain style-44:640; Red mountain style-45:650; Red mountain style-46:660; Blue Mountain-36:560; Blue Mountain-37:570; Blue Mountain-38:580; Blue Mountain-39:590; Blue Mountain-40:600; Blue Mountain-41:610; Blue Mountain-42:620; Blue Mountain-43:630; Blue Mountain-44:640; Blue Mountain-45:650; Blue Mountain-46:660; Green without lock-36:560; Green without lock-37:570; Green without lock-38:580; Green without lock-39:590; Green without lock-40:600; Green without lock-41:610; Green without lock-42:620; Green without lock-43:630; Green without lock-44:640; Green without lock-45:650; Green without lock-46:660; Red without lock-36:560; Red without lock-37:570; Red without lock-38:580; Red without lock-39:590; Red without lock-40:600; Red without lock-41:610; Red without lock-42:620; Red without lock-43:630; Red without lock-44:640; Red without lock-45:650; Red without lock-46:660; Blue unlocked-36:560; Blue unlocked-37:570; Blue unlocked-38:580; Blue unlocked-39:590; Blue unlocked-40:600; Blue unlocked-41:610; Blue unlocked-42:620; Blue unlocked-43:630; Blue unlocked-44:640; Blue unlocked-45:650; Blue unlocked-46:660.

Package Weight(g): Green dualuse-36:610; Green dualuse-37:620; Green dualuse-38:630; Green dualuse-39:640; Green dualuse-40:650; Green dualuse-41:660; Green dualuse-42:670; Green dualuse-43:680; Green dualuse-44:690; Green dualuse-45:700; Green dualuse-46:710; Red dualuse-36:610; Red dualuse-37:620; Red dualuse-38:630; Red dualuse-39:640; Red dualuse-40:650; Red dualuse-41:660; Red dualuse-42:670; Red dualuse-43:680; Red dualuse-44:690; Red dualuse-45:700; Red dualuse-46:710; Blue dualuse-36:610; Blue dualuse-37:620; Blue dualuse-38:630; Blue dualuse-39:640; Blue dualuse-40:650; Blue dualuse-41:660; Blue dualuse-42:670; Blue dualuse-43:680; Blue dualuse-44:690; Blue dualuse-45:700; Blue dualuse-46:710; Green Mountain Model-36:610; Green Mountain Model-37:620; Green Mountain Model-38:630; Green Mountain Model-39:640; Green Mountain Model-40:650; Green Mountain Model-41:660; Green Mountain Model-42:670; Green Mountain Model-43:680; Green Mountain Model-44:690; Green Mountain Model-45:700; Green Mountain Model-46:710; Red mountain style-36:610; Red mountain style-37:620; Red mountain style-38:630; Red mountain style-39:640; Red mountain style-40:650; Red mountain style-41:660; Red mountain style-42:670; Red mountain style-43:680; Red mountain style-44:690; Red mountain style-45:700; Red mountain style-46:710; Blue Mountain-36:610; Blue Mountain-37:620; Blue Mountain-38:630; Blue Mountain-39:640; Blue Mountain-40:650; Blue Mountain-41:660; Blue Mountain-42:670; Blue Mountain-43:680; Blue Mountain-44:690; Blue Mountain-45:700; Blue Mountain-46:710; Green without lock-36:610; Green without lock-37:620; Green without lock-38:630; Green without lock-39:640; Green without lock-40:650; Green without lock-41:660; Green without lock-42:670; Green without lock-43:680; Green without lock-44:690; Green without lock-45:700; Green without lock-46:710; Red without lock-36:610; Red without lock-37:620; Red without lock-38:630; Red without lock-39:640; Red without lock-40:650; Red without lock-41:660; Red without lock-42:670; Red without lock-43:680; Red without lock-44:690; Red without lock-45:700; Red without lock-46:710; Blue unlocked-36:610; Blue unlocked-37:620; Blue unlocked-38:630; Blue unlocked-39:640; Blue unlocked-40:650; Blue unlocked-41:660; Blue unlocked-42:670; Blue unlocked-43:680; Blue unlocked-44:690; Blue unlocked-45:700; Blue unlocked-46:710.

Package Size(mm): 320*120*220.


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